R.J. Norgard

Author of the Sidney Reed Mystery Series

Welcome to my home on the web. I am a writer, sailor, ponderer, tennis bum, and lover of great literature. This site, though, is mostly about my writing. I am currently immersed in writing the Sidney Reed mystery novels. Sidney is a troubled soul who tries to do the right thing but can't quite make all the pieces fit at this point in his life. I think we all go through some version of that at some point. My writing is, above all, about creating characters who are interesting, entertaining, and real. I hope you enjoy their stories.



What's New

"Road Kill" is now available

Road Kill, Book 2 in the Sidney Reed Mystery Series, is now available online virtually everywhere, including  AMAZON and BARNES&NOBLE. The Kindle version is available for purchase only on AMAZON but I am working on getting other eBook versions in stores. Click on the image to learn more about the book

"This well-executed sequel with a striking detective demands a third installment." ~Kirkus Reviews