The Sidney Reed Mystery Series

A bold new series of Alaskan mysteries by R.J. Norgard, a former private investigator and U.S. Army counterintelligence officer, featuring Anchorage private investigator Sidney Reed. Using Alaska's beautiful and unforgiving landscape as his palette, Norgard paints a tough yet sympathetic protagonist with a razor-sharp wit, along with a rich cast of supporting characters, to create a striking portrait of crime and passion in the 49th state.

Released May 2019

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Lights at the Portage: A History of the Port Clinton Light Station, 1833-1952

Donning Publishers, 2017

ISBN 13: 9781681841373

Price: $10 (Proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy

Anyone fortunate enough to visit the charming lakefront community of Port Clinton, Ohio is greeted by the sight of a diminutive lighthouse, white with forest green trim, overlooking the Lake Erie shore. Fortunate, indeed, because there is not another one like it anywhere. Beginning in 1896, the Port Clinton Lighthouse cast its steady red light over the Lake Erie's sparking blue-green waters for fifty-six years, guiding vessels safely into the harbor. Scheduled for destruction by the U.S. Coast Guard, local marina operators decided the old light was worth saving, and for the next sixty years it remained under the watchful eye of caring family members. Then, in 2011, a group of dedicated volunteers set about restoring the lighthouse to its original condition. Overcoming both technical and political obstacles, the Port Clinton Lighthouse Conservancy accomplished what many thought impossible and in 2016 moved the restored light back to the Lake Erie shore. In this fascinating book, author and historian Rich Norgard deftly weaves together the story of Port Clinton's founding, the development of commerce on the Lake Erie, and the importance of the lighthouses essential to both. and the inseparable connection between this this young wilderness community to its lighthouse and the town's struggle to convince the government that its safety and, indeed, its very livelihood, depended on its beacon of light. Thanks to the Conservancy and the support of a grateful community, lighthouse lovers everywhere now have an opportunity to visit one of the last remaining wooden pier lights on the Great Lakes. This book is the definitive guide to the history and legacy of the Port Clinton Lighthouse.

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