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Winter Kill

Book 3 in the Sidney Reed Mystery Series

With a budding new love interest and hopes of restarting his once-lucrative P.I. business, Sidney Reed is finally ready to put the tragic death of his wife Molly behind him - until two seemingly unrelated events remind him that fate has a way of sticking its nose where it doesn't belong. One is the appearance of a single red rose on his wife's grave, and  the other, a cryptic note left on his front door which reads: "I know what happened." Thrust into a mystery beyond anything he's faced before, Sidney soon discovers that nothing is as it seems and his next step could be his last. With formidable forces arrayed against him, including a ruthless and power-hungry oil company, the brutal Alaska winter, and a frightening frostbite injury, Sidney is determined to put his demons to rest, once and for all.


Coming Winter 2024

Winter Kill will be available in paperback and ebook

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